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Post Installation Tool
Installing your fence posts accurately is the most important part of any fencing project. Our revolutionary new tool takes all the guess work out of accurate installation. Our Tool enables you to level the post in both directions, maintain the exact desired distance between posts for your panels, brace the post in both directions, locate the post a precise distance off the property line, keep the post square, and align the post with the other posts. It makes post installation so simple, fast, and accurate anyone can do it. Use our tool for either wood or vinyl posts up to 6” square in size. It also works great for routed vinyl post installation holding them up in place while pouring concrete.

Post Tool Components

Panel Installation Tool
With all the pre-manufactured fence panels on the market today you can really save a lot of time with your fencing project. You just need the tools and instructions to be able to accurately and quickly install them. Our new Patent Pending tools help you install the panel hanger brackets quickly and accurately while holding the bracket in place during installation. After setting the distance on our Measuring and Leveling Bar once, you just use that for all the bracket installations. Our Panel Grabber takes all the work out of lifting, moving, and aligning the fence panels. Our Tool is designed for use with wood or vinyl fence panels installed either on the face of the posts or in between them.

Panel Tool Components

Anchor Installation Tool
Post anchors are a great way to go if you don’t want to dig footings and pour concrete. However they must be installed very accurately because once they are in the ground that is where your post will be. The trouble is they are very difficult to install accurately without anything to hold them in place or guide them. There is nothing on the market like the tool we have designed. It will hold the anchor in place while jackhammering, level the anchor in both directions, brace the anchor in both directions, guide the anchor straight into the ground, maintain your desired distance between anchors, and locate the anchor a precise distance off the property line. If you want a straight and level fence using post anchors you must try out our new tool.

Anchor Tool Components

Routed Post Support Stand

I designed this tool at the request of a couple Fencing Contractors. They wanted something fast and simple to support Routed Posts as they set them in concrete. In the past they had to keep lifting them up as they sank in the concrete while waiting for it to cure. Now they can use my tool to support each post as soon as they set it and move on to the next one. No more sinking, re-leveling, and realigning the posts as they sink.

Routed Post Support Stand

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