Family Run Business
Northern Minnesota

About Us

Hi, my name is Mark Jansen. I am the product designer and CEO of DIY Fence Inc. I started putting this company together in 2014 along with my 2 daughters Taylor and Kalley. Like most other companies, DIY Fence Inc was founded based on the need for something. While installing our vinyl fence, we discovered the frustrations that come along with most fencing projects. Through experience, research, and development, we created a few unique tools and methods that help level, brace, measure, and align fence posts and panels. I have been a carpenter, home builder, and contractor on many types of projects and I really understand the complete fence building process. I created the most accurate, simple, and fast way to install fence panels, posts, and post anchors using all new tools and methods. There is nothing available on the market like the Tools and Methods that we have created. Our new Patent Pending Tools and Systems can be used for all types of wood or vinyl fencing projects and everything is 100% Made in America right here in Northern Minnesota. You can save Thousands of Dollars on your fencing project and anyone can do it.

Refund/return/exchange policy: Please notify us within 30 days of receipt of your shipment for any exchange, return, refund, or cancellation.